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In today’s digital world, email remains one of the most important marketing channels available. After all, having the power to reach your customers directly via their inbox is invaluable, and recognizing how to use it effectively can result in more subscribers, conversions, etc. However, creating email campaigns that convert into subscribers and sales means that they have to look great across different devices, from desktops to mobile and even tablets. In this blog post, we’ll run through some of the responsive email design best practices.

Keep Dark Mode In Mind

When learning about responsive email design best practices, it’s important to design with dark mode (and light mode) in mind to create the best user experience. For example, using dark images on a transparent background could cause them to be overlooked when viewed in dark mode on a phone. On the other hand, not using transparent backgrounds could result in a jarring and unappealing experience for those who opt for light mode. Similarly, dark fonts might be unviewable on dark-mode phones. By designing with both modes in mind, you can ensure that your emails look great regardless of the mode they are viewed in. 

Subject Lines Should Be Short and Sweet

Long and drawn-out subject lines can easily get cut off, causing frustration for the recipient and potentially leading to them ignoring or deleting your email. One of the mobile email design best practices is to keep your subject line concise and to the point, with a maximum of 9 words and 60 characters, according to Mailchimp. By keeping your word count within the allotted limit, you can increase your chances of catching your recipient’s eye and getting a response because they have read/seen the whole thing. 

Font Size Matters

While large fonts can be appealing, they can quickly become problematic on mobile devices where screens are smaller. In some cases, large fonts on mobile can break your email formatting, making the entire message unreadable. To ensure your emails remain readable to everyone, limit your font sizes to no bigger than 20px. And when it comes to the body text, we’ve found that 16px font is the sweet spot for a seamless viewing experience.

Easily Clickable CTA’s Are Crucial

When it comes to email campaigns, we all want our users to take action. But placing a call to action (CTAs) too closely to another button or CTA might actually discourage users from clicking through. Most people these days are accessing their emails via touch screens, and tiny icons that are too close together can result in frustrating miss-clicks. So, before sending out that email blast, make sure to space out your CTAs thoughtfully and strategically.

Test Your Emails Prior to Send

almost all email delivery systems have a feature that can ease these concerns; the ability to send a “test” email to a designated address prior to sending. By utilizing this feature, you can ensure that your email is error-free before it reaches your audience, potentially avoiding embarrassing and costly design mistakes. Taking the extra time to test your email may seem insignificant, but it can make all the difference in the success of your campaign.

Email Design Inspiration 

Gorgeous email design is a crucial aspect of any email campaign. It is what initially captures your audience’s attention and entices them to read further. However, it can be difficult to come up with innovative and eye-catching designs on your own. Looking for some email design inspo for your next campaign?  We suggest seeking inspiration from a variety of newsletters. By subscribing to newsletters outside of your niche, you can gain a fresh perspective and see what is currently popular in the world of email design. You never know what hidden gems you might come across that could take your next campaign to the next level.

Responsive Email Design Is Key

Responsive email design— when done correctly— allows you to deliver your message across any device. Keep these insights in mind and feel free to reach out to our experts at Hometown Media for help crafting the perfect responsive email design strategy for your next marketing campaign!