What to expect when working with creative types

If you own your own business, there is a chance you will need to work with a creative designer sooner or later. Creative types such as these can sometimes be difficult to work with due to misunderstanding or a disconnect.

Creative types have a different way of thinking. But there is a process you can follow to avoid bumping heads and have the best possible results.


  1. Don’t try to rush

Don’t expect the first design to be it! When working with a creative professional you will view many different mock-ups. Expect to have good feedback for your creative designer. Request face-to-face meetings and revisions. Constant communication is the key to a good final project.


  1. Try not to be indecisive

Make sure that the first thing you do is set your goals. Your creative designer cannot read your mind, make sure you are able to communicate your vision with them so they can create it for you.


  1. Take responsibility for what you do

If the project you’re working on is having problems, don’t try to put all the blame on the designer. Most of the time it is partly your fault. It could very likely be a communication error due to the different ways you and your creative designer think.


  1. Make your timeline clear

You need to understand that it takes time for your creative designer to make requested changes. Don’t expect a small tweak to be completed in a couple of hours. They have other clients and deadlines to meet. Make sure to give them a reasonable amount of time to make changes.


  1. Have a buffer

Build in a buffer to avoid a stressful time crunch. Even though you have a clear timeline, you should still make sure to plan a buffer into your timeline. Something could always go wrong and a little extra time could possibly help get things back on track.


  1. Give good feedback

Know what you want. Comments like, “I don’t like that,” or “That’s not good for me,” are not helpful to you or your creative designer.





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