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If you’ve ever seen The Office (U.S.), you know how surprisingly relatable it is. Having trouble finding the real-life representations of the characters in your office? We’ve summed up the character traits of our favorite Dunder Mifflin Scranton employees to help you out! As a bonus, some of our staff took this Buzzfeed quiz to find out which character they would be on the show! See their results under each character description!


Michael Scott:

As Regional Manager, Michael wants to be both the best boss and the best friend he can be to his employees, spending much of his time trying to win them over with conference room meetings involving costumes and characters, as well as making his trademark “That’s What She Said” jokes. Luckily, he does have some redeeming qualities: he honestly means well, and is a surprisingly good salesman.


Pam Beasley:

Arguably the backbone of the office, Pam often plays a key role in reigning Michael back in when his antics start to be too over the top. When she’s not busy teaming up with Jim to prank Dwight, she is busy finding herself and stepping into her artistic endeavors. In her time in the Scranton Branch, Pam found her voice and stepped up to every opportunity she was offered.

The Office in our office: Madeline Jacobs (Graphic Designer); Megan Donio (Publications Manager)


Jim Halpert:

Jim is the prankster in the bunch, taking nearly every opportunity to prank Dwight (and sometimes Andy), and often indulging Michael’s silliness. Jim realizes early on that Dunder Mifflin is not where he wants to spend his entire career, but sticks around for a dozen or so years while figuring out what he really wants from life. Along the way he befriends, charms, and eventually marries Pam, and moves in, then out, then back in, and then back out of management roles at the Scranton branch. He’s a decent salesman but is pretty content enjoying the ride.

The Office in our office: Beau Green (Digital Marketing Manager)


Dwight Schrute:

Dwight. Oh, Dwight. A staunch loyalist (to both Michael Scott and Dunder Mifflin), Dwight is an excellent salesman because he believes so unwaveringly in fulfilling his duties. He’s also a stickler for established rules and tradition, which sometimes rubs his coworkers the wrong way. And, some might argue, it makes him an easy target for Jim’s pranks. Despite his better judgement, Dwight develops friendships and (and even a romance) among the group and at times can’t help but have compassion on them (cut to the staff breathing a sigh of relief when they realized he canceled the Doomsday email in season 8).


Darryl Philbin:

Darryl manages the warehouse that shares a building with the Scranton branch. He has a great rapport with his employees and even becomes good friends with some of the staff in the office. Darryl has had some moments of shaky confidence, but is known for his great sense of humor, his calm-cool-collected (if not a little sarcastic) sensibility, and the musical talent that helped the group’s homemade commercial come to life.

The Office in our office: Austin Clift (Web Developer); Chris Quick (Media Production Artist); Natalie Reed (Graphic Designer) Hillary Bowler Davis (Marketing and Content Specialist)


Oscar Martinez:

We can always rely on Oscar to be up on current events and to have all the facts. Oscar’s nickname around the office is “Actually” because he stands ready at all times to interject truth and accuracy into a conversation. Mostly no-nonsense and all business, he’s the voice of reason in the Accounting Department.

The Office in our office: Katherine Torres (Marketing Content Coordinator); Camille Durtschi (Graphic Designer)


Kevin Malone:

To quote Jim, “How do I put this diplomatically?” Kevin is possibly the purest, silliest, most easy-going character on the show. He definitely tries his best, and even went so far as to create a magic number to make the books balance when they otherwise wouldn’t. He does his own thing in his own style and rolls with it in full confidence (cut to Kevin wearing a brand new toupe and tissue boxes as shoes to Pam and Jim’s wedding). May we all walk through life with Kevin’s confidence in who he is!

The Office in our office: Miriam Barse (Web Designer); Daniel Jewel (Web Designer)


Phyllis Lapin-Vance:

Phyllis is the maternal figure of the Scranton Branch. Often the recipient of Angela’s sharp remarks during meetings of the Party Planning Committee, Phyllis retains her grace with her subtle sass. She’s full of great advice and cares about her coworkers, yet unafraid to confront someone when they’re wrong. Mrs. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration, knows how to throw a good party. Don’t let her soft-spoken nature fool you, she’s a saleswoman to be reckoned with.

The Office in our office: Katie Porter (Digital Operations Coordinator); Alysha Coleman (Digital Operations Coordinator); Seth Fullmer (Digital Marketing Manager); Jake Reed (Marketing Content Coordinator)


Angela Martin:

She’s not just the resident Cat Lady, she’s also the strictest person in the group, maintaining a  very prim and proper reputation. She’s also the longest reigning head of the Party Planning Committee, doing her part to contribute to office morale. Angela may be tiny, but she also packs a punch with her words and with her feistiness.

The Office in our office: Jeni Fitzgibbon (Marketing Content Coordinator)


Ryan Howard:

Things you need to know about Ryan, the temp: Ryan started the fire. He is a huge Smokey Robinson fan. He was the youngest VP of Northeastern Sales in Dunder Mifflin’s history. He loves Kelly Kapoor.


Kelly Kapoor:

Kelly manages the Customer Service Department at the branch (which consists of only her, but by her own description, she is “not easy to manage.”). A hopeless romantic and endlessly optimistic and cheery, Kelly keeps the office young. Her on-again, off-again relationship with Ryan keeps the drama fresh at Dunder Mifflin Scranton.

The Office in our office: Paul Moore (Digital Marketing Manager); Ben Council (Digital Marketing Manager); Jenn Miya (Manager Agency Services)


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