How the Right Content Can Catapult Your Business

High Quality Content Breeds Loyalty

From blog posts to company news, influential industry announcements and what trends are cutting edge…you always want to be ahead of the curve in content creation.  Ads are present everywhere: on our social media, on the television we watch, in the music we listen to, even in the news we read.  Consumers are looking for organic brand interaction and companies they can trust.  By allowing your product, customer service, and company website speak for themselves, you leave the audience wanting to come back for more.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, the most valuable thing you can offer a client is the assistance to help them make a good decision for their needs.  Using the power of knowledge and well-written information, you become the place that took an interest in their problems and presented solutions, versus another guy who peddled their particular solution via old-school sales tactics.


Search Engines Will Reward You for Your Hard Work

Search engine optimization ought to be an integral part of your business plan as it puts you right where the customer is: in their Google search.  The best way to increase your ranking and build rapport with all major search engines is to publish information that is fresh, relevant, easy to understand, and organized.  The algorithms Google uses are continually changing, but the trend that remains consistent among their changes is they reward the up-to-date and organic.  For a time, many businesses were attempting to increase ranking by “overly optimizing.”  Don’t fall into this trap.  Web crawlers are advanced enough now to identify this tactic.  Keep your outerlinking clean, professional, and incorporated where truly relevant.


Provide More Opportunity to Interact with Your Customers without Being “Salesy”

I’m sure you’ve heard the sales adage that the human brain must receive a message seven times before it is retained.  So it’s no surprise that marketers are constantly looking for new and inventive ways to share information with their customers.  Equitable online content is the most authentic way to do that in the digital space.  You never know what kind of lead could be generated from a simple blog post comment or social media share…it could just be your next big client.  Or if your company is B2C, it could be the next big advocate for your brand.  Good impressions are no longer just based on the first sales pitch; a great impression is left over tens or even hundreds of small positive experiences with your brand, both in person and online.


Make Your Company the Industry Leader

It may be a buzzword right now, and probably one you’ve heard too much at this point, but don’t let that devalue the importance of being a “thought leader” in today’s competitive market.  By becoming the voice of reason and authority in your space, there will never be doubt for your customers why they choose your company over and over again.  Who doesn’t want the best?  You wouldn’t want a knee surgery done by someone that doesn’t know the correct way to perform a meniscus repair, so why do we settle for eating overcooked pasta at a restaurant that doesn’t seem to know the difference between cavatappi and fusilli?  We all want the best.  And great online content is the perfect way to remind your customers that you know your stuff, and that your company is always the best choice.

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