The Most Important 2018 Social Media Trends

According to Search Engine Local the hottest social media trends of 2017 included influencer marketing, video, and bots.

For the year 2018, video and influencer marketing will continue to be one of the top trends in social media. Ephemeral marketing, which is straight to the point marketing that is short-lived and can last up to 24 hours, has the potential to be big this year.

Here are some of the most important 2018 social media trends you will need to know to succeed in your social media presence.


Influencer Marketing

By connecting with relevant influencers and creating a long-term relationship with them, you can see some great returns. So be sure to leverage influencers in 2018 if you’re looking to up your social media strategy.


Instagram Stories

The nice thing about Instagram Stories is that it requires minimal effort to create. In just a year, Instagram Stories are being used by 200 million people every month! Given the rate at which its popularity is growing.


Live Videos

people spend 3x more time watching live videos than pre-recorded ones. Not just that, the engagement on live videos is 10x more than that on normal pre-recorded videos.



Media relations, storytelling, content marketing and customer experience can all be enhanced in 2018 with augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR). The hardest part for brands and live video is getting started since it is still relatively new. Brands that have access to (AR/VR) will have a huge opportunity since the competition will be low.


Following these trends should lead your brands to success in 2018.

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