7 Marketing Podcasts You Should Listen To

Everyone is busy.  Commute times, meetings, grocery shopping, friends, schooling, babysitters, social life, caring for pets, family life…there is always something requiring the time and attention of each and every modern American.  So how do truly productive people make the most of their time and feel the most successful?  The secret is in the podcast.  If you haven’t become a “caster” before now, it’s time.  Suddenly minutes or even hours that used to be wasted,  the “in between” time, is now optimized for something useful and productive, or at the very least entertaining–which is valuable too.  See our 7 picks below for podcasts that are bringing new energy to the digital marketing world and will keep you focused on becoming an expert while you clean the kitchen, make your morning drive, or hit up the gym.

In no particular order, check out these 7 industry-changing new podcasters, and what they’re offering we haven’t seen much anywhere else:


Call to Action

Hosted by Unbounce, Call to Action delineates both the artistic and scientific needs of digital marketing covering a wide array of topics.  They air each Wednesday and feature guest speakers that are true experts in their fields.  From strategy to tips and tricks, big ideas versus small, easy tools…this show covers the gammat.



Sonia Simone is the Chief Content Officer for Copyblogger, as well as the founder of Rainmaker…and her delivery in great media is a testament to her impressive resume.  She offers really fun and interesting ideas to make your information the most engaging and informative content out there.


5 Minute Marketing

Sometimes all you have is a minute, or all you need is a quick pick-me-up to keep you focused and on track.  Enter 5 Minute Marketing with Brian Moran.  He gives you actionable, quantifiable tips that can be implemented in short order and understood quickly.  He is a perfect example that great ideas don’t have to take long to discuss.


The Science of Social Media

For most people, social media is the most accessible form of online marketing.  Facebook and Instagram produce more conversions than any other digital method, so it behooves you to understand this medium inside and out.  This podcast featuring Buffer keeps it upbeat, measurable, and easy to execute.



It may be a slight departure from some of these more traditional marketing podcasts, but this show has a lot to offer in analyzing great startups and what key role marketing played in their uprise and success.  Hosted by Jay Acunzo, hear from some of the best entrepreneurs out there as they dissect the rapidly transforming business landscape.


Perpetual Traffic

For many marketers, paid traffic can be a real hurdle…almost to the point of fear.  It is scary to put actual real dollars behind a campaign without complete confidence and surety it will be 100% optimized.  Keith Krance, Ralph Burns, and Molly Pittman help navigate this topic particularly and how all other categories work into this, building confidence in their listeners that they can always create solid ads.


The Fizzle Show

The core of every great marketing strategy is the business itself.  What is the product or service and what makes it special?  Every great marketer knows it is that element which must be analyzed and utilized to take a marketing approach from “good enough” to “the business is skyrocketing.”  With this in mind, hosts Chase, Corbett, and Barrett meet with some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and share their secrets.  They also happen to be wildly entertaining.


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