How Social Media Has Impacted The Way We Shop

There is no doubt that social media has changed the way nearly everyone interacts with brands, information and each other. With billions of individuals logging onto their social media accounts every day, the content they come across on these platforms could potentially drive an immense number of leads and purchases. Take a look at some statistics regarding how social media affects shopping.
  • Social Content Fuels Sales: More than three-quarters (76%) of U.S. consumers have purchased a product they saw in a social media post. Take advantage of this trend by posting attractive images of your products.
  • Consumers Trust UGC: Half of consumers say that user-generated content (UGC) would make then more likely to buy a brand’s product. Make sure you’re incorporating UGC in your content calendar.
  • Product Discovery Happens On Mutiple Platforms: 78% of shoppers ages 18–34 have seen products they were interested in on a social media site. While many of these individuals reported seeing products on Facebook, other popular discovery channels include Pinterest and Instagram.
Clearly, today’s social media landscape has a major impact on business.
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