Four Things You Should Avoid Doing on Facebook

In the process of building your Facebook page, it can be tempting to skip best practices in favor of other tactics. However, doing so can cause you to lose followers and decrease your presence. Make sure you’re avoiding the following actions.
  • Don’t Spam: This should be a given. Infiltrating other businesses’ pages and telling their followers to follow your page is annoying, rude and can end up hurting your reach. This is a big no-no.
  • Don’t Sacrifice Quality for Quantity: This mistake could also negatively impact your reach. Facebook’s algorithm rewards pages with high-quality content over those that post frequent but low-quality content, so make sure your posts are optimized accordingly.
  • Don’t Lose Sight of Your Brand: Facebook is a great platform to showcase what makes your business stand out. Show your followers how your organization is unique by making each piece of content shared on Facebook consistent with your branding.
  • Don’t Ignore Your Followers: If someone comments on one of your posts, photos, events or page, make sure you take the time to respond. This shows that you’re open to conversation and that you care about the thoughts and perceptions of your customers.
By ensuring that you’re not performing any of the actions listed above, you’ll keep your followers happy and be more likely to grow your page. If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please let me know.
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