The Four Types of Emails Your Business Should be Sending

Once you’ have started getting your email marketing strategy off the ground by building your contact list, it’s time to determine what you’’re going to send your new subscribers. Below are four email types that can increase customer engagement with your business and drive sales.
  • Welcome Email: This email is usually the first one a customer will receive from your business and is triggered by a new subscription or another initial action by the customer. Ensure this type of email projects a great first impression by making it friendly and professional.
  • Promotional Email: This type of email is probably the one consumers see most often. Promotional emails alert your customers to new inventory, product releases and sales events. Make sure you’re keeping these emails short and sweet, and creating a sense of urgency.
  • Informative Email: This category includes emails that offer product advice and industry knowledge and increase general awareness of your brand. Since these emails offer more in-depth information than a sales or welcome email would, they tend to be longer. However, they should be as concise as possible.
  • Survey Email: The goal of this type of email is to collect customer feedback that can better your business. Survey emails should include the purpose of your survey as well as a link to the survey. Encourage more responses by offering an incentive— like a coupon or a prize drawing entry —for completing your survey.
Now that you’ have learned about these four types of emails, you can use this knowledge to further your email marketing efforts.
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