Happy Halloween from UMG

For this Halloween, we had our very own Halloween party complete with a pumpkin and costume contest! The costume turn-out really brought out another character in everyone as they displayed their creations across the lunchroom and danced their way to the prize.

The top prize winners were:

1st Place: Ross Bello and Kim Mugleston as a Storm Trooper and Obi Wan

2nd Place: Jenn Miya and Megan Donio as Lloyd and Harry from Dumb & Dumber (complete with acting out scenes and quoting the movie throughout all of lunch)

3rd Place: Jon Telford, Tasha Valdez, and Amber Manning as Mario Kart (including a race across the lunchroom)

Most Original: Joshua Hall as a Lint Roller (actually sticky and picked up a lot of lint off of people)

Scariest: Yunuen Cabrera as Samara Morgan a.k.a. girl from “The Ring” (came out of a makeshift well when presenting her costume)

Funniest: Jenn Miya and Megan Donio as Lloyd and Harry from Dumb & Dumber

For the pumpkin contest, first place went to Linda Strode who used three pumpkins to bring the minions to life.

Runner up was Lint Milichovsy’s carving of Pikachu.

View all the amazing costumes and fun in the gallery below! We hope it inspires you if you’re looking for last-minute pumpkin carving or costume ideas. Have a Happy Halloween!

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