Grow and Monetize Your Email List Using Facebook

Though remarketing to your email subscribers is a powerful way to connect with potential customers, it may seem out-of-reach or too complex for many business owners. However, this practice can be quite simple. Read on to learn how you can grow, remarket to and monetize your email list.

Devise an Enticing Lead Magnet: Your potential customers will need an effective bribe to convince them to give you their email addresses. Create an offer or prize that will be of value to them, then present it as a reward for becoming part of your email subscription list. If you’re operating a retail business, a special discount code may be an effective lead magnet. If you’re part of a B2B organization, offer an educational guide.

Collect Emails with a Facebook Ad Campaign: Now that you’’ve developed an effective reward, promote your offer or prize through a Facebook ad campaign. There are two types of Facebook ads you can use to promote your lead magnet—Conversion ads or Lead Generation ads. If you want to send potential customers to a landing page, use a Conversion ad. If you want them to be able to give you their email address without leaving Facebook, use a Lead Generation ad.

Retarget Your New Email Subscribers: Use your newly-collected list of email addresses to build a target audience in Facebook, and a build a specific remarketing campaign for this audience. Make sure your ad campaign is relevant to your audience. If your lead magnet was a discount code, your ad could feature your business’ products and a reminder to use that code.

By following the steps listed above, you can build your email list and use it to create effective direct-response Facebook ad campaigns.

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