The Best SEO Plugin for WordPress

It’s becoming more and more important to make sure your website is SEO optimized.  Thankfully, WordPress has a myriad of different choices of plugins to install.  Some of the top plugins are YOAST by YOAST, SEO Ultimate by SEO Design Solutions, and Smart Crawl by WPMUDEV.

YOAST SEO recognizes that Google is focusing on content for site ranking now days.  When you install YOAST you can enter a keyword to track as you write your content.  As you write, it will keep track of your Keyword Density and Readability of the page.  But if you want the extra features such as tracking a second keyword you’re out of luck, you need to purchase the premium version for $69 for a single site.

Smart Crawl focuses on the automation.  Instead of manually creating the title tags and meta descriptions, you can pull that data from the actual page itself, such as the excerpt, and create format functions on how you want that information displayed.  Of course, you can manually add the information in, but the automation is a great and speeding up your workflow.  It also crawls your content looking for dead links and creates a site map for you.  One drawback, you have to have a WPMUDEV membership, which is $49 per month.

SEO Ultimate out of the box seems simple enough.  It has an option for each page to enter basic meta descriptions and title tags, along with Open Graph settings for sharing the page on Social Networks.  But, when you dig deeper you find the same automation present in Smart Crawl, but probably not as robust, and the same dead link checker.  What’s better? There are hidden features that are disabled that you can enable such as the Meta Keywords Editor, the No Follow Manager and the Slug Optimizer.  You can get this plugin for the price of FREE!

So, if you are looking for a great plugin to get your site SEO Optimized, SEO Ultimate can do that for you without breaking into your wallet!  Some features certainly aren’t as robust as the paid Smart Crawl, and you don’t have the content keyword tracking that YOAST offers, but it still gets the job done and done well.

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