Using Social Media as a Networking Tool

It’s likely that you’re already networking with your business community through in-person contact at events and meetings. While this type of mingling is an important tactic in growing your list of partners and customers, it’s not the only way to ensure that you’re engaging with those you should be talking to.

Social media allows business owners just like you to connect with other businesses and current and potential customers in a way that is timely and convenient. Professional networking platforms like LinkedIn provide a space for you to interface with others working in your field, while other platforms like Facebook and Instagram let you share updates with customers and fans of your brand. 

When using social media as a networking tool, be open to liking and commenting on updates from those that you follow. This builds a rapport between you and the person or brand that you are connecting with, and will sow the seeds of trust and solidarity that will pay off in the near and distant future.

The next time you are feeling hesitant to connect on social media, don’t be. Social sites are as effective as any other online or offline platform for networking. If you have any questions or would like to see samples of our services, I’d love to hear from you.

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