Understanding Facebook Metrics that Matter

Facebook can be a powerful and inexpensive platform on which to advertise your business. However, if you’ havw ever run an ad campaign on this site, you might’ have realized that it can be difficult to understand how it performed. To help you better measure the performance of your next Facebook ad, we’ have defined a few important metrics:
  • Reach and Impressions: Reach is the number of people who saw your ad and impressions is the number of times your ad was seen. Since some people may be delivered your ad more than once, impressions will be larger than reach. For example, if your ad had a 1,000-person reach and 1,500 impressions, that would mean that your ad was seen about 1.5 times by each person who saw it.


  • Cost-per-Click (CPC): The CPC is the amount of money it costs, on average, for a person to click on your ad. This cost can vary widely based on your industry, target audience, and on your ad’s copy or graphics. Facebook doesn’t define what a good or a bad CPC is, but you can find industry-specific CPC benchmarks by doing a quick search on the Internet.


  • Click-Through-Rate (CTR): The CTR is the number of clicks your ad received divided by its number of impressions. This metric is given as a percentage. For example, if your ad had 10,000 impressions and 100 clicks, the ad’’s CTR would be 100 ÷ 10,000. 100 —which would equal a 1% CTR. Like CPC, this figure can be affected by several factors.
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