Setting Up For a Video Shoot


So you’re ready to start shooting video for your first client, what do you do?  The first steps are to make sure you have the right equipment; a camera that will shoot video, something to record sound with, a light source, and a place to film.


If you are using a DSLR to shoot your video, make sure that you use a shutter speed that is twice what your framerate is, for example, if shooting in 30p, you should use a shutter speed of 60.  If your camera is able to shoot at 60p or 120p, the same rule applies and you would use a 125 shutter speed or 250 respectively.  If you are unsure how to change this on your camera or what your camera is capable of, refer to your user manual.


To record the sound for your video, you will need a sound recorder, and if you are just starting out, a handheld recorder from Tascam or Zoom will be your best friend.  These recorders are a low price solution to get great sound and there are many options based on what your needs are.


The light source you will be using will be largely dependent on where you are filming, if you are outdoors, the sun can be your light source, but indoors you will need something to light your scene and can be anything from table lamps all the way up to complicated stage lighting.  One of the most simple solutions is a two light with reflector option where you have a key light shining on your subject, with a reflector bouncing light back from this light to get the other side of the subject and then a second fill light behind the subject to bring out highlights.

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