The Many Hats of a Creative – What It Takes to be in a Creative Role

With Creative roles, you get to see ideas come to life! I recently received a creative role, and it’s beyond rewarding. Little did I know, how many hats a creative actually wears and the importance of being versatile in your career. Being able to create blogs, graphics, video and more can launch your career into something you would only dream of!

Blogging: Blogs can be tedious. Writing is something that takes a lot of time and research – especially when you are wanting to craft a well rounded post. Just because you are out of college and into your career, doesn’t mean the research stops. Doing your research can leverage your post from subpar to extremely sharable. Which is what you want in your career of writing! There are plenty of great resources that will allow your research to be sustainable and credible.

Graphic Design: This has been one of the more challenging parts of getting acclimated into a creative role. I never really knew what it took to be a graphic designer until I actually looked around, and literally everything you see from magazines to billboards is the creation of a graphic designer. Not to mention, you can become a “.gif lord” (Yes, I made that up.) if your skills are good enough. Graphic design takes a lot of patience. Adobe’s creative platforms such as Illustrator and Photoshop take a lot of time – it’s like learning a new language. I’m still learning, but knowing the skills that will come out of it, makes it extremely worth the time. Even if you aren’t wanting to do graphics, having basic knowledge in these platforms can definitely work in your advantage.

Video: Video Marketing has become an increasing trend over the last few years. With 85% of the U.S. audience viewing video online, being able to create a successful marketing campaign is great for business! You can create great videos with a good camera, creative people and great storyboard. Video marketing is on the rise, be ahead of the curve by incorporating these into your creative role at work.

Social Media: So usually, you have a social media manager to delegate all the advertising. However, having basic knowledge of Facebook ads will allow you to create graphics that adhere to their rules. It’s always nice to be able to create quick content on the fly when something new comes up with your client as well, such as news, a release or just something interesting that happened! For me, being able to be witty and quick with content allows for a happy client! Make sure you always get it approved before posting to anything! That’s just good practice!

So while these are just a few things I’ve learned by becoming a creative, I still have much more growing to do.

Happy creating!

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