DIY Customer Success Video Essentials

Video is the most engaging piece of content on the Internet these days. It’s a way to transmit the most information in the least amount of time. Tell your story on video and capture the genuine emotion and visible proof of how satisfied your customers are with your service.
Here’s what you need to do one on your own:
  • Happy Clients – Find one of your most satisfied customers and ask them for a video testimonial.
  • Talking Points – Write a few talking points out to guide their comments, then let your happy clients speak from their own experience. Making sure their testimonial is genuine (and on topic) is KEY!
  • Camera – Don’t have a professional-grade camera? Or a camcorder with a backpack from the early 90s? No worries! If you have a smartphone, that’s all you really need.
  • Lighting – Once again, the bare necessities are all you need. You don’t need fancy lighting equipment; just make sure that you have a well-lit subject
  • Sound – Video isn’t just visual. Half of the experience is the audio! Make sure you have a quiet area and good sound equipment, such as a smartphone in the front pocket of your subject (this may require you to have two smartphones…)
  • Editing Software – Once you’re done filming, upload the footage to your computer or smart phone (yes, you can edit video on a smartphone!) and get editing.
If you have any questions or would like to see samples of our services, I’d love to hear from you.
Thank you!
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