Tips for the Freelance Designer

It’s not easy to start out in the Freelance world.  Trying to establish yourself as a freelance designer takes a lot of time and dedication.  Here are some tips that will help the process go a little smoother.

  1. Always Get Compensated for your work

The difference between having a job and having a hobby is you are being compensated somehow for your job. There will often times be instances when you will have to work for considerably less then you need to but try to never do anything for free. Besides, how will you create a career for yourself if you don’t set a price for your work. Nobody deserves to work for free, even if you are a freelance artist. Be sure to ask around to see pricing so you can have competitive pricing, and network!


  1. Have A Set Worth

Establish a pay rate that you feel you are truly worth and stick to it. Having a realistic idea of what you are worth can help you to continue to push yourself to be better and produce quality work for you clients.


  1. Be Professional

Act like you’re are a professional coworker and the client will treat you accordingly. You can do this by being on time to meetings, provide feedback, be well informed about the product as well as well spoken. The way you portray yourself is the kind of personal brand that you are creating. Also make sure that you stand your ground. Not letting clients walk all over you will allow you more respect.


  1. Don’t Over Work Yourself

When you are building your own freelance business, it may be tempting to say yes to every possible opportunity that comes your way. Doing this can lead to too much work and eventually you will become burnt out and your work will reflect poorly. Make sure that you are maintaining a healthy work and life balance and remain well rested.  This will ultimately benefit your business.

Hopefully these tips will help to benefit you in your future endeavors as you are venturing out into the world of Freelance Designing.

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