The Importance of Turning Your Creative Energy On and Off

Those who are prone to creative thought are often times able to channel a great amount of concentration and energy to their creative tasks.  They are regularly spending hours on end focusing on multiple projects at a time.  This extreme amount of focus is a talent but requires a certain amount of balance.

While the creative is spending long periods of focused attention on their work, they also counter this process with periods of “off” time.  During this “off” time the creative becomes unplugged and retreats from their busy tasks in order to recharge their creative juices. This can be achieved through a nap, exercise, outdoor activity, or any other kind of favorable activity that allows your brain to be temporarily turned on cruise control.

This recharge state can also be accomplished by participating in a creativity-boosting hobby.  Some hobbies can be more fruitful then others when it comes to boosting your creative juices.  Studies have shown that many successful scientists engaged in hobbies that exercised their kinesthetic feelings, visual thinking, and verbal and auditory patter recognition (Fajans). Of these activities painting, sculpting and drawing seemed to have the strongest impact.

Obtaining this “off” time can often be difficult in today’s day and age with constant emailing and texting all demanding your attention.  Being able to really unplug from all of these distractions and really being able to recharge takes a great amount of elf discipline.  If you are able to overcome these distractions and find that good balance between long concentrated work and rest and recharge mode, your work will benefit.



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