What to avoid with your social media presence

Having a social media presence is important for a business. Sometimes a business’s presence can seem too personal or not personal enough. Here are some common mistakes to avoid while keeping your social media presence professional.


Do not spam your viewers: Be aware that constantly posting the same information over and over, you risk becoming an annoyance. You could even lose some of the current followers you have.


Do not follow everyone: You don’t have to follow everyone back who follows you. Before you follow back, consider how it will reflect on you and your business. If consumers saw that you were associated with this individual, would they represent you and your business in a good way? If not, then do not follow.


Do not rely on automation: You want your brand to have a personal touch. You might lose followers/customers if they think they are talking with an automated system so take a few minutes to connect with your audience if possible.


Do not share too much: Do not share too much information. Sharing too much too early can ruin a product launch. It can also provide information that could possibly change, which could confuse followers/customers.


Do not post TOO MUCH: Even if your content is diverse, posting too much can be overwhelming. Find out what schedule is best for you. Experiment by posting at different times and pay attention to the analytics. Find out when social media users are most active and post during those time frames.


Do not be boring: You must be excited about the services your company provides. A dull, boring post can lead to dull, boring results.


Do not abandon your profiles: You must maintain your accounts to make them work for you. Create a social media schedule to keep ideas flowing.


Do not ignore comments: It is important to engage with your viewers. If you do not engage, they may feel as if you don’t care about their question, comment or concern. Use relevant comments as an opportunity to interact with your followers and show them how you address positive and negative situations.


Do not ignore your privacy settings: Choose a password that is extremely secure and only give passwords to a select few. The wrong person controlling an account can cause you a lot of problems.


The tips can help keep your social media presence safe and also reliable for your followers/customers.

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