Facebook just hit 2 BILLION Active Users

Yes you heard that correctly. Facebook has connected 2 Billion people on Facebook. That is about 1/4 of the Worlds population! So what does that mean for social media marketers? In this ever expansive market, it’s important to really invest in your social media strategy and content.

With a growing community, more people are looking at content than ever before. So how do you want your brand to be portrayed? Creating original and creative content is key for successful campaigns. We want your brand to be seen by a lot of the Facebook community as well as build your business and brand.

When it comes to strategy and content there are plenty of ways you can create traffic on your social channels.

-Live Video: Live video has been getting a lot of traction especially with updates across Instagram & Facebook. Live videos allows you to connect with your followers, customers and leads. You have a chance for them to get to know you as a brand as well as create some really fun outreach! If you aren’t using live video, get on it!

-Stories: Video is the top content strategy that top marketers are using. Stories only last 24 hours, these are fun ways to share special news with your brand. Snapchat has over 160 million engaged users!

-Hashtags: While they can sometimes be really annoying and excessive, hashtags serve a really great purpose! Being only a 10 year old concept, hashtags allows a worldwide group discussion. With 2 billion users on Facebook, that’s a really big discussion you don’t want to miss out on!

-Blogs: Blogs are still in, and they do wonders for brands. When you incorporate highly effective keywords with a clean format, you appeal to readers of all kinds.

While these are just a few ideas to keep you on your toes as Facebook expands, you can get creative with your content. Make sure it shows your personality and what you want your brand to portray!



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