Is Your Facebook Page Up-To-Par or Sub-Par?

Here is a short checklist of things to look for when creating or updating your company Facebook page:
  • Page Title – The title of your page and your personalized Facebook URL should match in order to make it easier for your audience to find.
  • Type of Page – Did you know that you can set up different company page types? For example, if you are a restaurant you’ll want to make sure that you’re set up as a restaurant, not as a celebrity or public figure. Make sure that you have the correct page type selected to help customers avoid confusion!
  • Keywords in Your Company Description – You can improve your SEO ranking by adding the keywords you use on your website to your company description on Facebook. This essentially helps you double the chances of your business being found online. Let the search engines do the work for you by having keywords in the description.
  • Profile Picture – Make it you, make it beautiful and make it relevant. Represent your company with a nice, clean image.
  • Cover Image – What is the current promotion or offer are you running? The cover image is a nice, big and noticeable area to make a statement.
  • Contact Info – Once your Facebook visitors are ready to contact you to make a purchase or get more information, make sure they actually have the right contact information! You may think it’s sufficient to include contact details only on your website, but clicking out to another page can dissuade customers. Make sure you have all of your contact info available so that your Facebook page can do your job for you.
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