Why You Need A Good Call To Action

Having a call to action or CTA is a necessity for good marketing practices. Although calls-to-action seems like a simple button you can add just about anywhere, it’s important that you understand the role of a CTA and implement it correctly.

So what is a CTA? Well, it’s pretty self explanatory. It’s a way to get your visitors to take action! These actions can vary from going to a landing page, downloading an ebook, signing up for an event. You can choose your call to action specific to your needs. While that seems pretty simple, just because you have a CTA available, doesn’t always mean your visitors will click. A few things that will ensure your CTA is presentable and serves it’s purpose we gathered some information that will help you create great calls-to-action!

  • Make it appealing to the eye: In order for someone to notice the call to action, one has to see it. Make sure your CTA pops and catches the viewers attention so it directs them to your desired page.
  • Compelling words: Use action verbs that avoids jargon to get people to click on the CTA
  • Clear Value: When people click on something they want to know what they’re getting. Make sure your CTA explicitly states what they are getting whether it be a free download, or a product demo.
  • Add A Landing Page: People want to land on something straight to the point and something not cluttered. A CTA is most effective if people are taken to a dedicated landing page after clicking it, rather than a random page on your website. CTA’s should be created with a specific stage in the sales cycle in mind.

You want to make the language of your CTA more practical rather than technical and straight to the point and keep it between 90 to 150 characters. So while a CTA is something simple and you see it on just about every blog and webpage it takes some strategic planning to create a CTA that grows your brand.

Let us know how your CTA’s have worked for you!

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