Storytelling is Taking Over the Web

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the last 6 months, you’ve noticed all major social platforms have implemented a story feature to let your followers know what’s happening throughout your day and will disappear in 24 hours.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to see where stories came from.

Starting with Snapchat, this innovative social media platform created the ephemeral aka disappearing feature back in 2011. While they had a rocky start, their popularity grew fast. Incorporating 24 hour stories to peek inside of the lives of friends or celebrities all the way to filters of puppies, bees, and puking rainbows.

This was just the beginning of story telling among major social media platforms. Instagram followed suit in August of last year. Very similar to the snapchat stories, Instagram allows you to “not over post and use as much creativity throughout your day.” I personally feel this has more of a reach than Snapchat due to the amount of followers you have. If you have your account on public, then your story becomes public as well! Although you can’t transform into that adorable puppy like you can on Snapchat, you have your boomerang feature which is a really neat addition to Instagram.

Of course Facebook had to jump on the bandwagon in March of this year! Just like the previously said platforms, this 24 hour story lets you dive in to lives of just about anyone! Incorporating new and fun filters, as well as geo-filters which pinpoints your location, this awesome new feature is catching on to the masses. Now, if we can get an app that allows you to post to all three! (Which they are working on)

Since stories are new, many people are wondering how they can incorporate that into their marketing strategy. Just like Live Streaming, 24 hour stories are a fun new way to get your customers and following base engaged with your brand. It allows them to message you directly if they relate to something on your story or if questions come up. It gives personality to your brand and the faces of your business!

If you aren’t familiar with these new techniques in engaging with your customers, not to worry! This super simple feature will take your online presence to a new level!


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