Live Streams – The Hip Trend Everybody Loves

Chances are if you are on Facebook or any of the other major social media platforms you are familiar with one of their newest features which is live video. Live video is a unique and creative way to keep your leads and customers interested in your brand. With Youtube, who generated over $9 Billion in revenue in 2015 and the trend is upwards as of early 2017.

Live video allows users to interact with brands and people all over the world right then and there. The fun thing about live streaming is the possibilities to show what your brand is all about! You can stream live events, interviews, getting to know your employees – or even announcing up and coming things within your brand! The videos should be fun and creative. Whatever industry you’re in, you can always draw attention with showing what you’re all about as a brand.

Some of the biggest live stream platforms are:

Youtube Live Stream



Facebook Live

The fun thing about these is it allows your customers to interact with you and learn more about them and their needs as well. It’s a win-win situation!

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