Why SEO Gives You More Bang for your Buck

We have all heard the term SEO or Search Engine Optimization — but few understand the importance of SEO and why it benefits your brand growth. We compiled a short list of reasons why you should incorporate SEO in to your marketing strategy. Studies have shown that SEO can have a better ROI than traditional marketing strategies such as print and TV ads.

  1. Brings Business Traffic – In a perfect world, Traffic means sales. That’s not the case, but it’s much easier to create a loyal customer from someone who has seen your webpage, vs trying to grab them from thin air. SEO is great for creating traffic for your webpage and it’s great because they are almost qualified leads. These people are looking for your product or services when they found your page which will often lead to create a customer.
  2. One of the Best ROI in Advertising – The reason why SEO is so successful with ROI than most traditional advertising strategies, is because it uses keywords that markets to people who are looking into businesses like yours. Your only job here is to show up when they are looking for the service!
  3. Provides Credibility – Believe it or not, search ranking provides your company with credibility. Most people tend to only look at the business on the first and second page of Google rater than the latter pages. Don’t you feel better when your looking at a business higher up on google? I do!
  4. It’s Cost Effective – Online Marketing can get pricy, and when you’re on a budget sometimes you need to strategize what will work best for your goals. SEO has an organic reach that of course has a great ROI. While PPC (Pay Per Click) can generate more revenue, it can cost more and it’s split between organic/paid outreach.
  5. Optimal User Experience – We live in a fast pace society and so we want to get results quickly. SEO is about providing the user with what they are looking for in the quickest and easiest way possible. When a search engine provides the user with their interests, it makes both parties happy and can create a customer for life!
  6. Businesses that have a strong keyword in the business name rank 1.5 spots higher than if there is no keyword in the name. (Source: Local SEO Guide, 2016)
  7. Google accounts for over 94% of all mobile/tablet search traffic globally, followed by Yahoo at 3% and Bing at 1%. (Source: NetMarketShare, 2016)
  8. Google now handles at least 2 trillion searches per year (Source: SearchEngineLand, 2016)


While SEO is consistently changing, this is a great start to get SEO up and going with your company to build your brand. Keeping your SEO flexible heading into Q2, this allows you to shift as algorithms with google change based on customer values.

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